Reach New Horizons

In addition to our RYA Courses, we offer other innovative training packages which will be of interest to those looking for something a little bit different.

Introductory Astronavigation

Grasp the fundamentals of this fascinating art by spending a couple of days aboard Jemima and receiving practical tuition.

You will learn how to handle a sextant and find your position using the sun and other astronomical bodies (weather conditions permitting) and get to grips with the surprisingly easy mathematics.

Getting Out Of A Tight Spot

These are very popular! We organise one or two-day parking seminars on board Jemima. Work hard and play hard practising tight marina manoeuvring on Jemima or aboard your own boat until you feel confident.

Mile Building

Having trouble clocking up the 2500 miles for your Yacht Master certificate or just looking for more experience?  Join Charlie Sailing for a long haul passage to increase your confidence and clock up the miles.

Atlantic Crossing